My Home – Your Job

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About the Workshop

This workshop invites us to understand the experiences of people with disabilities as society sees and treats them.

It offers the opportunity to better understand the impact on a person’s home as a workplace, and how staff can work in ‘power-with relationships’ with individuals and families. There will be strategies for moving forward including consciousness of our mindsets and enabling people to be in valued roles related to home life.

Participants will:

  1. become more aware of what ‘home’ means and the importance of adding to, not taking away from, people’s home
  2. understand the power of social devaluation and its impacts
  3. clarify the purpose of a worker in someone’s home
  4. identify roles typically connected to home life,
  5. community presence and community participation
  6. identify the power in the relationship between worker and person, and ways of working in ‘power-with’ ways


A full one day workshop


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