About us

ImagineBetter works towards a world where all disabled people live the lives they want, with the support they choose, in welcoming communities where they are valued.

We offer information, advice, planning support, mentoring and events for disabled people, families and organisations.

Our team partners with disabled people and their families as they imagine, plan for and go after the good things in life. We then offer introductions to people and places that can help make their ideas a reality.

Together with local and international thought leaders, we host events to challenge and change how people think about disability.

We encourage organisations to ‘dream big’ and plan positive futures, alongside the people they work with.

Donations and grants enable us to make a positive difference as an independent, not-for-profit company.

Our team works throughout New Zealand and our head office is in Tauranga.

Our inspirational dream

ImagineBetter dreams of a community approach where disabled people live well now, can dream big and live the life they have imagined.

Our beliefs

  • He aha te mea nui? He tangata! He tangata! He tangata! What is the most important thing? It is people! It is people! It is people!
  • Te whare tapa whā. Value the whole person.
  • Investing in and supporting people to be their own agents of change.
  • Family, whānau and friends matter.
  • Sharing stories can teach, inspire and enrich lives.
  • Enhancing community connections through active citizenship.
  • Hope carries people a long way.
  • Information is powerful.
  • Sustainable practices and sustainable solutions.

Spirit and attributes

We aspire to be:

  • thought leaders
  • entrepreneurial
  • influential
  • visionary
  • responsive
  • collaborative
  • inclusive
  • authentic
  • ethical.