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“There will be moments when we simply must move beyond what is to what might be”
– Michael J. Kendrick

If individuals cannot imagine better then it will be very difficult for them to achieve better. The creation of an individual vision for the future is much more than setting goals or an annual planning event. It requires the ‘vision facilitators’ to have a good understanding of the dynamics that keep disabled people trapped in cycles where low expectations and unfocused efforts result in people often making very limited progress in their lives over many years. This workshop will explore the topics of:

  • What are the universally agreed elements of a good life for all human beings?
  • Some of the typical life experiences of disabled people?
  • Why do disabled people so often experience life that is very different from their non-disabled peers?
  • Creating a vision as opposed to planning or setting goals
  • Some practical methods for creating a vision
  • Turning vision into reality
  • What is the role of ‘the provider’ in the above?


A full one day event designed to give participants a good grounding in what the good life is and exposure to a number of practical tools they can use when assisting people to envisage a good life for themselves. This event is particularly helpful when serving people who are unsure, or don’t know what would make life good.


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