Missy Morton

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Image description: Missy Morton is smiling and has shoulder length dark hair and glasses. Her two virtual assistants appear on the zoom background.

My work for the last 25 or so years has been in university education. I’m at the University of Auckland now, where I teach and research in the areas of Disability Studies and Inclusive Education. My research projects are focused on understanding what ideas and practices prevent access, participation and belonging for everyone with a focus on ableism. These current projects are about what happens in schools and in universities for disabled students and disabled staff – about what needs to change, why and how. I’m also part of a project called Te Tapeke Fair Futures – Exploring equality, equity and fairness in Aotearoa https://www.royalsociety.org.nz/major-issues-and-projects/fair-futures/

Before coming to Auckland I worked at the University of Canterbury. During the 1980s thorugh to the mid 2000s I also volunteered at and/or worked for non-governmental organisations including IHC, CCS Disability Action and the Dunedin Rape Crisis Collective. I worked in similar organisations while studying in Syracuse, New York. It was while I was in New York that I learned from people who were beginning to work in the area of Disability Studies, “before it had a name.”