A message from our CEO, Tony Paine

Disabled people, their families and whānau, and their allies are fighting for justice and human rights.

We’ve achieved a lot and we’ve got lots more to do!

We are still discovering what it’s going to take to build a world free from ableism, a world where disabled lives matter, a world where the exclusion, violence, poverty and discrimination routinely inflicted on disabled people are no longer such dominant forces.


What’s it going to take? A revolution! A revolution that continues the brave and beautiful work of the disability rights movement, and takes it to the next level, a revolution where the terrible failures of capitalism, colonialism, and patriarchy are healed in the creation of new ways of making sure no-one is left out or left behind.

That’s why Imagine Better is building on 20 years work with and for disabled people. We’re continuing our work in training and research, and expanding that to include more support for disability activism and change-making. We will be offering evidence, tools, examples, ideas, and connections that we hope will contribute to a powerful, passionate, growing and effective disability rights movement.

Imagine communities where disabled people are visible, respected and valued. Communities where disabled people live with dignity in accessible and safe homes, can access inclusive education, and have options that ensure lives free from poverty. Imagine a world free from violence, abuse, exclusion, segregation and neglect. Imagine and act!

Tony Paine

CEO - Imagine Better