Our Team

Our team works with people with disability, families, communities and organisations throughout New Zealand. Our head office is in Tauranga.

Our Team

Tony McLean | Community Development Manager

Tony has worked with disabled people, families and communities for more than 20 years.

He is an experienced project manager, facilitator and a thought-provoking presenter. His key interest is in social justice and the role communities play in including all people in the good things of life.

Tony began working for ImagineBetter in 2010 and now leads Local Area Coordination in the Bay of Plenty, Lakes, Central Otago and Southland. His role is focused on supporting disabled people to become valued members of their local communities.

Significant experiences in Tony’s working life include volunteering in the Samoa rebuild, following the 2009 Tsunami, and in Christchurch, following the 2011 earthquakes. These events led Tony to deepen his interest in the issues disabled people face when hard times unfold.

Tony currently sits on the board of cbmNZ, an international aid organisation that assists the world's poorest people living with disabilities.

Outside of work, Tony enjoys swimming, surfing and fishing. He lives with his wife and three young children in Papamoa.

Phone 0800 787 587
Mobile 027 493 4601
Email tony.mclean@imaginebetter.co.nz

Our Team

Carey-Ann Morrison | Research Advisor

Carey holds a PhD in human geography from the University of Waikato, and has a particular affiliation for matters of social justice and equality.

Her research and teaching interests are based on questioning why some social groups are excluded from, or marginalised within, the everyday spaces of life, and the steps these groups take to challenge or undermine the discrimination they may experience. Carey believes that research should empower those people participating and looks for inclusive and ethical ways of working with rather than on research participants.

For Carey, her professional and personal worlds are deeply connected. She has a young son who has Down syndrome, and strongly believes that this combination of personal and professional experience gives her a unique set of skills and understanding to help make a real difference in the lives of people with disability and their families in New Zealand.

Carey is an Honorary Associate in the Geography Programme at the University of Waikato where she contributes to the programme’s teaching and research curriculum. She contribute to a range of working groups, governing bodies, and national committees, including UpsideDowns, which helps fund speech language therapy for children with Down syndrome, CareMatters, a national wellbeing and resource service for families who have a family member with a disability, and Inclusive Education Action Group (IEAG), an organisation that promotes knowledge, attitudes, policies and practices that facilitate inclusive education.

Outside of work, Carey enjoys hanging out at the beach and spending time with friends and family. She is based in Wellington.

Phone 0800 787 587
Mobile 027 541 3310
Email carey-ann.morrison@imaginebetter.co.nz