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The concept of ‘home’ is often reduced to one’s place of dwelling. However, in reality home is much more a reflection of the overall person, their life, their nature, their relationships, their passions, their purposes.

For people with disabilities it is common that they get places to live, but in most instances, not a ‘real home of one’s own’. Their homes are often essentially facilities for the principal purpose of service provision and principally custodial care.

Fortunately, many people with disabilities, their families and enlightened professionals have seen the value that comes from starting with the vision of a ‘real home of one’s own’ and have helped individuals create homes and home life that is far richer, fulfilling and empowering than what they might have received from the type of homes and home life they commonly experience in conventional residential settings. This event will explore what makes the difference in moving from the reality of a residential facility to a “home of one’s own”.


Full day event.


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