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About the Workshop

The workshop is designed to assist participants to:

  • Understand devaluation and its consequences for people who are marginalised;
  • Learn basic tenets of SRV as a means of addressing those experiences of devaluation;
  • Gain clarity of personal values around issues of devaluation and one’s personal service to people who are devalued;
  • Strengthen, support and confirm one’s commitment, stand and purpose to individuals who are wounded by devaluation.

The ideas in SRV often pose a challenge to participants because they directly address what is actually involved in achieving valued social roles within community life. In this way SRV becomes an ongoing stimulus to question what is authentically optimal for people with a devalued status.


A two day introduction to social role valorisation. The following topics are covered in this introductory workshop:

Day One

  • Introduction to Social Devaluation
  • The life experiences of people who are devalued
  • Heightened Vulnerability
  • A Vision for a Good Life
  • The Power of Assumptions
  • “If this, then that” and Definition of SRV
  • Culturally Valued Ways and Means
  • Responding to Heightened Vulnerability

Day Two

  • Supporting positive roles
  • The developmental approach
  • Improving reputation and image
  • Promoting Valued Participation and Relationships


This event is ideally suited to people who are searching for ideals, values and strategies to guide them in their own roles in the lives of people who are marginalised because of age, disabilities, mental illness or other factors which prevent them from pursuing ordinary roles in community life. This includes people employed in human service organisations, people with disabilities, their families and advocates, and Board members of service organisations.

This event will be useful for people who have no previous exposure to SRV but who are keen to examine the material seriously. It will also enable people who are already familiar with SRV to deepen their understanding.

This will not be a useful event for anyone who is sent against their will, or for people who do not have a personal interest in pursuing the issues as outlined in the purpose of the event.


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