Optimal Individualised Service Design (OISD)

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About the Workshop

OISD is a two week intensive leadership level event. As its name suggests, it has been created to teach (and enable practical application) participants how to create a coherent and functional service for and with an individual. It takes a blank page approach and then walks through coherent service design with theory and practice. Participants work in groups of three or four around a focus person (an individual with impairment and or their family / whanau) to create a good life and articulate in detail the steps, approaches, strategies, personnel and resourcing that will be required to create the life. The OISD event is recognised in many countries as the premier leadership event in terms of operationalizing individualised service options.

The event has been designed, developed and delivered by Dr. Michael Kendrick more than 70 times around the globe.

Dr. Kendrick says:

This course has been developed due to the ongoing difficulty faced by many consumers, families, advocates, staff, funders, and organizations to be able to develop services that are authentically effective in meeting people’s needs, and that can be implemented in relation to conventional organizational conditions. It is commonly the case that people often want this result, but are stymied when it comes to evolving service models and strategies that are both in accord with the person’s needs and viable in the usual bureaucratic environments of services. Of particular interest in the course is the problem of innovation as it relates to the construct of unique individual service models or support arrangements “from scratch” that may lack local, or even national precedents, to serve as a guide.


Two week event delivered in two one week blocks.


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