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About the Workshop

For many disabled people locating, securing and maintaining paid work in the open employment market can be a significant challenge. While some people achieve their employment goals there are many more for whom this dream remains elusive.

Micro-Business development is a tried and tested method around the world for supporting people to gain a foothold on the economic ladder. It has been used extensively in the developing world and is also a central form of employment in developed countries.

This event offers participants the opportunity to hear how disabled New Zealanders have created their own work by creating a micro-business and how their processes for doing so could be applied in your own life or the lives of the people you support. This is an interactive event that offers both inspiration and practical insight.


Participants can expect to:

  • Gain an understanding of how to identify and harness the potential entrepreneurs gifts, strengths, assets and passions.
  • Gain an understanding of the important steps in the process of creating a micro-business.
  • Find new opportunities for gaining natural supports around your venture.
  • Be inspired by what other Micro-Business entrepreneurs have done, and are doing, in New Zealand.


This workshop is for people who are looking for new solutions and ideas to provide meaningful, valued, and paid roles for people currently excluded from the workforce.

  • Students, families, schools, education professionals and transition co-ordinators looking at the question, what will happen after secondary school?
  • Disabled people and families who are interested in creating their own employment opportunities.
  • People using Individualised or Enhanced Individualised Funding seeking to invest some of their resources towards addressing the issues of employment and meaningful use of their time.


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