What You Always Needed To Know About Intellectual Disability But Were Never Told

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About the Workshop

This material is rarely addressed in formal training and gives participants greater insight into the daily difficulties that confront people with this impairment. There will be a short review of historical responses to people with intellectual impairment and the ease to which others misunderstand and mistreat people based on such ill-informed perspectives. In response to this, the workshop will equip participants with four different perspectives for understanding the needs of people and what supports make sense. The workshop will provide very practical principals for supporting people to succeed and understand.


Full one day event


This event has been created for family members, professionals, agency staff, teachers, health professionals and carers. Anyone who is wanting to better understand the impact of living with an intellectual impairment will find this a fascinating event.


To find out more about this event or to make a booking contact info@imaginebetter.co.nz or use the following enquiry form.

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