Roles-based Planning

Roles-based planning combines the fundamentals of planning with the principles of Social Role Valorisation (SRV).

By using the principles of SRV in the planning process, we can match up a person’s goals with activities and roles that are socially valued.

This type of plan is often completed after a person has developed a PATH or MAP plan. It can also stand alone.

What is SRV?

SRV is a concept that was developed in 1983 by German social scientist Wolf Wolfensberger. His theory was that if people have roles in society that are valued, they are more likely to receive the good things in life.

SRV offers practical advice on how to raise the value of a person’s role in society, increasing the chance that they will have a good life.

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How does Roles-based planning work?

ImagineBetter will set up a planning meeting with you. You can pick the date, time and location. Often people feel more comfortable planning at home.

You can invite your family, friends and other people to your meeting. Make sure you ask them well in advance.

Two ImagineBetter facilitators will talk with you and those present, then write up a plan.

The Roles-based planning process

Your Roles-based plan will reflect (as closely as possible) the most common everyday activities of other people living in your community.

A Roles-based plan focuses on:

  • building freely-given relationships
  • individualised support
  • regular living arrangements
  • work / employment instead of leisure activities
  • ensuring you are supported to enhance your image, skills and to contribute to your community
  • ensuring you are provided with information and advice so that you can make informed decisions
  • about the way you live your life.

A Roles- based Plan looks at:

  • milestones – your achievements so far
  • your current relationships
  • current roles you have
  • your skills, abilities, talents and interests
  • your vision – the life you want
  • potential challenges to achieving this life and ideas to overcome these
  • your goals
  • your first steps towards the life you want.


Roles-based planning costs $125 per hour plus GST, up to a maximum of $500 plus GST.

Travel is an additional cost. This can be negotiated when setting up your planning meeting.

Getting started

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