Inclusion planning tool

This practical planning resource assists people to build relationships through getting out and about in their community.

It’s a good way to start thinking about your community; the people and places in it; and how you can contribute.

inclusionThe planning pack includes a user guide, plan template and two action plan templates.

How does ImagineBetter Lives Inclusion planning work?

You can choose to use this planning resource yourself, with family and friends, or you can work through the planning pack with an ImagineBetter facilitator.

The planning process

An ImagineBetter Lives Inclusion plan will assist you to identify local opportunities to:

  • form and maintain roles and relationships
  • take part in social and recreational activities, based on your interests
  • find paid work or volunteer
  • further your learning.


You can purchase the planning pack for $20 plus GST, postage and packaging. It comes with a user guide, plan template and two action plan templates.

If you want to work through the planning process with an ImagineBetter facilitator, the cost will be $125 plus GST per hour.

ImagineBetter also offers a six-hour workshop for groups (limited to 30 people) on how to use this tool effectively. This workshop costs $1000 plus GST. Your group will need to provide the venue and catering.

Get started

Contact us to learn more or to enquire about planning support and workshops.

Phone: 0800 787 587