ImagineBetter can work with you and your whānau to plan for the life you want. You might choose to plan for:

  • good relationships with family and friends
  • making new connections
  • valued roles in your community
  • employment
  • a home of your own
  • financial security
  • further education
  • other opportunities to grow and develop.

Why plan?

Planning encourages us to think about the future, what we want to do and how we will get there. It can be particularly empowering for disabled people and their families.

People with disabilities are often put into boxes early in life, based on what others have decided they can and cannot do. They may also be separated in education, work and their community. This can lead to low expectations for the future and make a good, ordinary life seem out of reach.

Planning can change this thinking and help you create a positive outlook for the future. With a plan in hand, you know where you are going and the steps you can take to get there.

A quality plan, supported by a strong personal network, can assist you to achieve the good things in life.

How does planning work?

Before you plan

Before you begin planning, ImagineBetter will set up a meeting to get to know you. This usually takes place over the phone.

We’ll ask you questions about your current situation and why you want to plan. We will then recommend a planning tool for you, explain how it works, what the cost will be and what you need to do next.

Most plans begin with a planning meeting where you brainstorm ideas with family, friends and other people in your life, guided by an ImagineBetter facilitator. We can assist you to set up your meeting and to invite people to support your thinking.

You may want to write down some of your dreams and goals before your meeting. It’s also a good idea to have food and drink on hand, as planning can take a few hours.

Our planning principles

We believe that all good planning starts with five guiding principles:

  1. The person is at the centre
  2. Family and friends are partners in planning
  3. Planning focuses on gifts and talents and looks to the future
  4. Planning leads towards action
  5. Planning is an ongoing process.

There are a variety of planning tools available. ImagineBetter offers:

  • Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope (PATH)
  • Making Action Plans (MAP)
  • Transition plans
  • Pre-assessment plans
  • Roles-based plans
  • Deep Quality Design plans
  • Inclusion plans

No matter which planning tool you choose, you can expect to come away with:

  • a clear vision for the future
  • a summary of where you are now
  • well defined steps or goals to help you get from where you are to where you want to be
  • a clear and easy-to-understand record of your plan.

How much does a plan cost?

The cost of a plan depends on the tool you choose. ImagineBetter planning starts at $125 plus GST per hour.

If you currently use Individualised Funding (IF), you may be able to use some of your personal budget to cover the cost of a plan. Talk to your IF coach about your options.

Other funding may also be available to you. Ask us for more information.

Getting started

Contact us to learn more about planning.

Phone: 0800 787 587