Partners offers quality information and advice to disabled people as they move forward with their plans and build a good life.

Partners will provide you with an independent facilitation service, information, advice, mentoring and planning support and assist you to build a good lifestyle with support of your networks, funding and other resources.

With Partners you can:

  • design a plan for a good life
  • make informed decisions
  • become better-connected and form strong networks
  • develop roles in your community
  • find staff who support your plans
  • confidently manage your staff and your individual budget.

You and your family/whānau agree to work with an experienced Partners Advisor to plan for the life you want and together you will write the Partners Agreement which explains what you will do and what Partners will do.

You will:

  • identify what you want to focus on with your Partners Advisor
  • keep the decision-making role in your own life and supports
  • be the legal employer
  • have regular opportunities to review the relationship you have with your Partners Advisor.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the service you choose.

  • Tier One Partners $5000 + GST for 12 months
  • Tier Two Partners $2500 + GST for 12 months