Local Area Coordination

Local Area Coordinators (LACs) work with you and your family as you imagine, plan for and pursue the life you want.

LACs also support communities to be inclusive and accessible to people from all walks of life. They work closely with local people, businesses, organisations and marae.

ImagineBetter offers Local Area Coordination in the Western and Eastern Bay of Plenty and the Lakes District.

What do LACs do?

LACs work with you and your whānau to help you imagine what a good life would be for you. They then connect you with local people and resources that can help you make your ideas a reality.

Work your way

The ways that LACs work are as varied as the people they meet. It’s up to you to decide how you want your LAC to work with you.

An LAC could help you to:

  • identify your goals, strengths, interests and passions
  • plan for the life you want
  • find and connect you with people and community resources
  • build and maintain relationships, including developing ‘Circles of Support’
  • access funded supports and services, if required.

Who can work with an LAC?

Anyone who is looking for information or advice is welcome to contact an ImagineBetter LAC.

If you would like longer-term support to achieve your goals, you must:

  1. be between 0 and 65 years of age
  2. have a disability that lasts longer than six months
  3. need support in some parts of your life because of your disability
  4. live in the Bay of Plenty or Lakes District.

Learn more about who is eligible

Where is Local Area Coordination available?

ImagineBetter offers Local Area Coordination in the Western and Eastern Bay of Plenty and the Lakes District, within the areas marked on the map below. The Bay of Plenty area is marked in orange and the Lakes District is marked in yellow.


Local Area Coordination in New Zealand

Local Area Coordination is also available in other parts of New Zealand through these organisations:

AccessAbility offers Local Area Coordination in Central Otago and Southland.
Life Unlimited offers Local Area Coordination in the Hutt Valley.

Does it cost to work with an LAC?

There is no cost to work with an LAC.

How much involvement can I have with an LAC?

The amount of involvement you have with an LAC is up to you. You might just want some information, or you might want longer-term, regular support to achieve your goals.

When are LACs available?

Our LACs work flexible hours, so you can talk when and where it suits you best.

An LAC can meet with you in person, in a place of your choice, or you can talk over the phone; send questions by email; or even text message. It’s your choice.