What We Offer

Who We Are

We offer information, advice, planning support, mentoring and events for disabled people, families and organisations.


At the heart of ImagineBetter’s work is a strong belief in the need to think differently about disability, belonging and community. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to support disabled people and their families to live a good life of their choosing within their community.

We have a research programme that places the voices and lives of disabled people and their families’ at its centre. ImagineBetter believes hearing from disabled people and their families about issues that are important to them is key to creating more inclusive communities.


Partners offers quality information and advice to disabled people as they move forward with their plans and build a good life.

Partners will provide you with an independent facilitation service, information, advice, mentoring and planning support and assist you to build a good lifestyle with support of your networks, funding and other resources.


ImagineBetter can work with you and your whānau to plan for the life you want.

There are a variety of planning tools available. ImagineBetter offers:

  • Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope (PATH)
  • Making Action Plans (MAP)
  • Transition plans
  • Pre-assessment plans
  • Roles-based plans
  • Deep Quality Design plans
  • Inclusion plans.


We offer a range of events for disabled people, families and organisations. Events are regularly held throughout New Zealand.