Tewai Skipwith-Halatau

Image description: Tewai Skipwith-Halatau faces the camera directly and is wearing dark glasses and a smile. Her white shirt matches the pale interior surroundings.

Tewai Skipwith-Halatau (Ngāti  Tuhourangi, Te Arawa) talks to Áine about growing up with a mix of specialised and mainstream schooling, working out how to fight the employment biases blind women faced in the 70s, the power of sport, and strengthening disability advocacy throughout the Pacific Islands.

Tewai Skipwith-Halatau (Ngāti  Tuhourangi, Te Arawa) works tirelessly alongside Māori and Pacific communities so they can advocate for their individual and collective needs. She is the manager of Vision Pacific Charitable Trust, the founding co-chair of the pacific Disability forum and a Paralympic medalist. Skipwith-Halatau is blind. 

Watch the Generations of Change interview on YouTube by clicking on the link below.

Read a transcript of the interview in Google docs. A brief summary of the interview will be added as soon as its available.