Stories of Activism: Generations of Change

Sharing stories and wisdom from disabled leaders across generations

Throughout June and July, Imagine Better is hosting a series of conversations with disabled leaders to dive deep into growing up disabled and creating all kinds of change.

There will be seven weekly Q&A sessions, faciliated by Áine Kelly-Costello, where you’ll hear a pre-recorded conversation and have a chance to ask questions. 

Read on for how Generations of Change got started.

Welcome to Generations of Change

How it got started

by Áine Kelly-Costello

I'm Áine Kelly-Costello, a young blind journalist and advocate known for my delight in asking endless questions. I mainly grew up in the 2000s, and I vividly remember the camaraderie of being at camps with other blind kids and teens. In the real world at school, I was surrounded by sighted people. I was a good student, but I remember the shame I felt when a teacher asked why I was sitting alone at lunch, and the frustration of having to fight to be in the jazzband just because I couldn't see.

While at uni, I stumbled into a role advocating for accessibility law. 

Suddenly, it was my job to connect with and empower other disabled people to be part of a call for change, and I had to find the courage to build relationships with a whole lot of virtual strangers.

That job would end up bringing me into community and solidarity with students, writers, academics, business people and advocates of all ages. Disability was our shared experience, and together, we would champion change.

Our efforts built on decades of leadership from disabled people. But how was it growing up disabled 40 or 50 years ago, or acquiring disability as an adult? How has Aotearoa changed? How has it not? What unplanned moments would shape the lives of the visionary disabled people who dedicated themselves to making inclusion the norm?

Áine held conversations with seven disabled leaders to find out.

Each video was premiered at a group showing on Zoom, which was followed by Q & A.

The interviews are available on the biography pages of the campaign pages on this website and shared on Imagine Better's social media channels, for you to use and enjoy. The day after each interview aired, it was replayed on Wellington Access Radio 106.1FM at 4pm.


Listen to the Generations of Change podcasts

You can now listen to a podcast of each Generations of Change interview at hosted on Anchor


Generations of change is proudly developed and funded by Imagine Better. You can also listen to the series through Wellington Access Radio. It features song Siva by Joom. Generations of Change was edited by Juliana Machado with visual direction by Benjamin Brooking. Produced by Áine Kelly-Costello.