Luke’s story

‘A great person to talk to’

“Someone to bounce ideas off” is just one of the reasons Alison enjoys working with her son’s Local Area Coordinator (LAC).

Luke turned eight years old in July 2016 and, with his younger sisters Chelsea (5) and Leah (3), keeps Mum Alison busy.

The support of Luke’s LAC has been invaluable, she says. “In many ways, it’s like a friendship. She has a wealth of knowledge about what is available within our local community and we can bounce ideas around about the opportunities that are out there for Luke.”

Top of the list for 2016 was finding someone to assist her son with improving his speech and language. While Luke can make lots of noises, he struggles with putting what he wants to say into speech, Alison says.

His LAC has been instrumental in searching for a speech language therapy student to help. “She’s been a great person to talk to, even if it’s just catching up. She really listens and I enjoy having someone from outside the family to discuss ways we can help Luke.”

Although Alison takes Luke’s future day by day, she wants him to achieve as much as he can and knows his LAC will be there to offer advice or talk through new ideas when needed.

“She has been very helpful linking us with people in our local community like the Cerebral Palsy Society, and coming up with fresh ideas for Luke,” Alison says.

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