Leanne’s story

Paid work realistic goal

Leanne’s goal of paid employment could finally be on the cards thanks to a computer course recommended by her Local Area Coordinator (LAC).

Leanne credits her LAC with introducing her to a computer course which she hopes will lead to her first paid job, doing office work.

“That was my main goal – having paid work. I’m not sure how many days but I don’t want to start too high. I’d rather achieve well and then move up.”

Life is busy for Leanne. She says she sometimes feels that she doesn’t have enough hours in the day! One of the reasons for this is that she has taken up many of the opportunities that her LAC has discussed with her.

Crafts are a huge focus for her, providing a much loved creative outlet. She has even had plans to start her own card-making business but they are on the back burner for the moment.

Her LAC recently told Leanne about three websites she could check to find out more about card-making groups in the area as a way of continuing to learn new skills. Leanne has also discovered a jewellery-making course she would like to try.

“I love crafts and I like using my hands. I enjoy making things myself.”

A lifelong reader, Leanne also wants to continue helping children to read at her local school. “I like to be busy and would love to pick up another class. I really enjoy seeing all the kids improve and flourish,” she says.

She’s also looking forward to going back to the gym where she enjoys meeting new people and trying different activities. “Some of the exercises help me with transferring (from bed to wheelchair). My main goal is to be independent.”

Leanne’s confidence is palpable and largely due, she says, to her relationship with her LAC: “Jenny has been a good friend and a good person to bounce ideas off. If it wasn’t for Jenny, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”


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