Personal Budgets in times of chaos


May 14, 2020 at 6:00pm - 9pm


Imagine Better, 39 Webb Street Mt Cook, Level 4 , Wellington 6011, New Zealand

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The lockdown period poses challenges for many disabled people and their families. This webinar is for people who purchase their supports using a personalised budget (i.e. Individualised Funding, Enhanced Individualised Funding, Self-Management or some other hosted arrangement). Learn about current rules in this changing environment, hear which strategies have proved useful, and ask questions at the Q & A session.

Date and Time:

An online webinar on Wednesday 29 April 2020 at 11 – 12AM


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About this webinar

Aotearoa New Zealand entered alert level 4 lockdown on March 26. This event created change for all kiwis but it has been especially acute for many people who live with impairment and their families. The disability sector is learning on its feet. So much change has occurred!

People who purchase their supports using a personalised budget (Individualised Funding, Enhanced Individualised Funding, Self-Management or some other form of hosted arrangement) are also living through these changing and unpredictable times. Some have been able to find or create arrangements that are working for them and for others this time has revealed how fragile some of their support arrangements are.

What you will learn about

  • An update on the current ‘rules’ around using your personal budget
  • Personal reflections from three ‘agents’ (family) around what they have learnt over the past month of lockdown and their plans for moving ahead
  • A live Q & A session will follow the presentation. It is likely that some of the questions you are sitting with will be shared by others

Who is the event for?

This webinar has been created for people with a disability, their family / whanau and people who are ‘IF Agents’ and for people who are thinking about taking the personal budget route in the future. The co-presenters are all people who are operating personal budgets day to day, people who have a number of years’ experience with Individualised Funding, recruitment, staff management, life style design and using both funded and community supports to assist their sons and daughters to get a good life.

The event will also be of value to services who are supporting people who have some of their DSS supports in a personal budget and for organisations that are wanting to learn more.


This Imagine Better webinar will be co-hosted by three parents who are also working professionals, Nicky Mayne (Bay of Plenty) | Bernadette Macartney (Wellington) and Jessie Russell (Bay of Plenty), along with Imagine Better’s National Training Manager Tony McLean.

More about the Guest Speakers

Nicky Mayne

Like most parents, having a child with a disability was Nicky’s first exposure to the complex world of disability and the never ending rollercoaster ride that is parenting a significantly disabled child. She now also leads a disability organisation and navigates her work and home life through the dual lens of parent and provider. Nicky is an advocate for social change that will enable good life outcomes for people with disabilities. She recognises the power of having a vision that brings the natural and formal supports in a person’s life together to pursue the good life.

Jessie Russell

Jessie, her husband Fred, 18 year old son George, and 15 year old daughter Maija live in the Bay of Plenty. Even though Jessie has worked in aged care and disability supports for most of her working life, she still struggled to navigate disability services when her daughter was diagnosed as a baby with Spinal Muscular atrophy. After 10 years of personal experience using Individualised Funding and 3 years as Enlivens Disability Funding Advisor for the Bay of Plenty, Jessie remains passionate about families understanding disability funding, and using it in a way which will best support them.

Bernadette Macartney

Bernadette lives in Wellington with her daughter Maggie Rose and partner Tony. Maggie is 23 and has been using IF for three years. Bernadette also researches and writes on disability rights and inclusive education, works voluntarily as an advocate to challenge ableism and promote disability rights and pride, coordinates parent support networks and speaks regularly at inclusive education and other forums. Bernadette, Maggie and Tony are founding members of Silver Noodle Soup, a group of young disabled people and Wellington theatre and film makers who have been developing work, performing and making films together for a few years.

To aid us in making this time as productive as possible please forward your questions through to Tony McLean at [email protected]

This webinar workshop is supported by Te Pou in collaboration with Imagine Better

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Personal Budgets in times of chaos


May 14, 2020 at 6:00pm - 9pm


Imagine Better
39 Webb Street Mt Cook
Level 4
Wellington 6011
New Zealand

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