Disabled People's Mental Health Services Research

The 3DHB commissioned Imagine Better to carry out a research project on the mental health and access needs of disabled people.

From Rachel Noble, General Manager - Disability, Wairarapa, Hutt Valley and Capital and Coast District Health Board:

"With big changes taking place in the mental health sector, we wanted to make sure that the DHB were aware of and recognised the mental health and access needs of disabled people. We want to make sure disabled people have equitable access to good mental health and wellbeing outcomes.

We invited Imagine Better to conduct a study to understand more about the barriers and enablers disabled people experience accessing mental health services. The project included a literature review and key informant interviews with disabled people and health care professionals. 

Imagine Better was able to interpret what we were looking for in a project.  They were able to draw on a human rights framework and their own research principles to set the tone for the project.   The findings from the study were presented in a way which demonstrates that this was the correct approach.

In recruiting Imagine Better we knew we would be working with an ally of the disability community.  We knew they would ensure that the experiences and voices of disabled people would be captured by researchers who are disabled themselves. This created a trusted process for disabled people to share their experiences and thoughts freely knowing they will be understood.  Unfortunately, it is still rare that disability research is done by and for disabled people. Imagine Better prioritised disabled people’s lived experience and used it to drive the direction of the project."

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