Imagine Better’s goals and advocacy priorities

Sharing positive stories and visions for inclusion, equality and justice. Helping to lift the numbers of disabled people in positive income, employment, housing, health, and community participation outcomes. Addressing the causes and disabling impacts of the persistent fiscal poverty experienced by disabled people, including:

• not enough accessible houses and lack of real homes

• schools not offering well-resourced genuinely inclusive education

• unemployment, below minimum wages and the grim struggles of life below the poverty line

• families struggling to care for disabled loved ones with limited support, services, or choices

• an inequitable welfare system based on the idea that disability is a deficit and welfare is temporary, transitional and negative.

Exposing the ways disabled people and disability are ignored, excluded and pathologised, especially by policy-makers, planners and other decision-makers, ‘experts’, the health, education and justice systems, the media, community leaders, and activists in other social rights and justice movements. Growing activism and the disability rights and justice movement:

• helping the movement better understand social change and what effective political and social action looks like in the 2020s

• sharing opportunities to get involved in, and the history, stories, and successes of, disability activism

• inspiring more disabled people, their families and other non-disabled allies to help change the conversations, overcome the barriers to working for change and get involved in activism, advocacy and change-making.