Micro-Businesses: Assisting people to create their own work

Having a job is a fundamental human right for all people who want it.  If your service is involved in assisting people to get a better life, find work, or use their day time effectively, this event will give you a practical base and many examples of what your team could do next.

Small businesses, cottage industries, and self-employment collectively are larger than the world’s biggest employer. 

All across the globe people use their skills and talents to purse their passions, and at the same time generate income.  This event shows participants, in a step-by-step process, how to create their own work.

The event covers:

  • The why, what and how of business creation
  • Ensuring the venture ‘fits’ the person
  • Harnessing help from others for free
  • Marketing and selling
  • Legal and financial consideration
  • Real life examples from NZ successes
  • The role of paid staff and service.