Imagining Better: Understanding the Good Life

Part of a provider’s fundamental role is to assist people to identify and obtain a good life. To achieve that, we first need to understand what would make life good for the person and then to influence our staff to make it happen.

People need to imagine their better future before they can create it. If they cannot imagine a better future then it will be very difficult for them to achieve it and live it. 

By understanding the six core elements of a good life, we have a framework for (i) assessing where we are currently and (ii) focusing our action for progress.  

This event covers:

  • The  elements of a good life
  • Why disabled people so often experience a life that is very different from their non-disabled peers and what we can do about this
  • Creating your vision for your good life
  • Turning vision into reality
  • Practical strategies and actions for making a better life
  • Engaging with the person’s allies (whānau, family and friends)
  • Measuring success.