Guest Blog - Gordon Jackman on why we need a disability ministry

Gordon Jackman talks about how disabled people's human rights are not recognised in the existing system and calls on anyone who wants to work together to campaign for a disability ministry to get in touch!

As a polio survivor born in 1955 I have lived with the experience of disability and permanent paralysis since I was ten months old.  As a disabled person I have experienced (as have many of us) lifelong difficulties dealing with the health with a chronic condition caused by disease rather than an accident.

The Generations of Change Zoom series has been a great process but also made it clear that many people are deeply unhappy with our current situation and the recent report by Heather Simpson on reforming the Health and Disability services.

Dr Huhana Hickey has suggested in the media that we need a Ministry of Disability because this is not a health issue. This is a recognition that our basic human rights are not recognised in the existing system and we need our own Ministry to work with us. 

This will not happen without a strong and coherent campaign to generate the public support that any Government will have to listen to. Covid has exposed the fault lines in our health system so now is a good time to start organising.

If you are interested in this strategy please contact myself Gordon Jackman, Tony Paine or Dr Huhana Hickey.