‘The Good Life’ – what is it and how can I live it?

We inspire, resource and help people with disability and their whānau to discover rich life opportunities so that they can live a good and ordinary life of their choosing. One of the ways we do this is by partnering with people  with disability and their whānau go after the good things in life, like:

  • a safe and welcoming home
  • a job that provides financial security and a sense of purpose
  • supportive and caring relationships with a range of people
  • rich and varied social lives
  • good health, a sense of safety and security
  • control over major life decisions
  • opportunities to develop and build upon interests and talents
  • recognition and respect for skills and contributions.

Although the good life unfolds in a relatively easy manner for most people, unfortunately this is not the case for everyone. Sadly, not all New Zealanders have access to all the ordinary things that make up a good life.

This is where we come in! We are proud to be working towards an Aotearoa that provides people with disability the opportunity to live a good and ordinary life. This is a life experienced with and alongside other people in the community, as fully contributing and valued members where disability is an accepted part of living in a diverse and vibrant community.

quotequoteOur vision came from being simple and being real. We focused on John being happy and healthy in all that he does, and our expectations were based around what we see as the key issues of health, happiness, safety, and above all having a life that was as ordinary as possible (Brenda and Ian Pilkinton, and family)

Community Resource Inc., QLD, Australia.