‘Imagining Better’: person-directed planning, action and self-determination

To imagine better is to have an aspirational vision for the future. It is about picturing people with disability living full, rich and valued lives out in the community. Imagining better reframes the experience of disability, one person at a time.

Imagining, dreaming, picturing, and hoping are powerful and important practical steps that can help us shape our current reality and future lives. In our eyes, planning for the future, also helps to change the present. It gives us hope, something to aim for and work towards.

In order to imagine better, you need to be able to dream big! When starting to develop a plan or a vision, try not to put any limits on dreaming. Set the bar high, and your vision wide and far-reaching. Have high expectations, because aiming high encourages ambition, growth and inspiration.

Once a clear vision for the good life has been set, you can begin to work towards creating a plan of action for achieving this!

quotequote The greatest need for human beings is for a sense of meaning and purpose in life, for a goal to work towards (Victor Frankl)

Annette Bush, Resourcing Families, an initiative of Family Advocacy; NSW, Australia.