“I’m not the client, I’m your Boss.”

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About the Event

The role of direct support staff is changing. Expectations on direct support staff are increasing.

The complexity of direct support work is making it increasingly clear that there is growing demand for a ‘new skill set’ on the front line.

This one day workshop is open to all people interested in the role and function of front line support. What makes some people in these roles fantastic and others mediocre? Why are some staff able to help people achieve results that others seem unable to even recognise as important? Why can these relationships get so complicated and what does all of this look like from the perspective of the person receiving the service?

The event will cover the themes of:

  • A brief historical view of disability support in Aotearoa NZ
  • The nature of the inherent power imbalances
  • Developing a more mature understanding on (personal) choice
  • Qualities and attributes of ‘real’ support staff
  • Signs and alerts that things may not be going well
  • What to do if you have issues; and
  • Roles based recruitment


To register, please email Runa Morrison (runamorrison@gmail.com) or fill in the enquiry form.


  • Thursday 21 November, 2019
  • 9am – 3:30pm


  • Rotorua
  • TBA


  • Free for disabled people, family, whanau, allies and paid professionals.

Imagine Better thanks LDST for their sponsorship of this event.

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