Bridget Sneddon 'Being an ally and a parent' blog post

Being a Parent and Ally

I have learned from many outstanding allies and am grateful for the one who said “if you breathe you belong”. Those words set me on a path that led to my son living a full life.  

Being a mother is the most important role I hold, advocating for an inclusive life for my son has always come first. Getting clear about what I believed in was critical and if I get it close to right only then am I in a position to be of support to others.  Being an ally to me is to support others who seek to create a life in the community and to uphold their inherent right as a citizen of the country.


Having a staunch belief in inclusion and people's right to belong has perhaps been the most challenging aspect of being a parent working in the disability sector. I believe many people still come from a charitable model so find it quite confronting when their ideas are questioned. 


The question of where do the roles intersect is an interesting one as it's almost as if the experience contributions parents bring to the work we do have at times been viewed of lesser value than those who have chosen this work as a career. I wonder where many of them are today.  


Image description: Bridget is smiling and has shoulder-length curly dark hair. She is looking at the camera in this casual portrait style photo and is wearing a cream coloured top.