Toni "Antnz" Burgess

Having been described as having a forthright style, Toni "Antnz" Burgess has been embedded in Enabling Good Lives (EGL) since the concept was introduced to the Mid-Central in May 2017.  Antnz has a unique perspective in being a "previously unsupported" participant of EGL and serves as one of the foundation disabled people's representatives of the Mid-Central Leadership Group. This group has had significant input into the design, development, and continuous innovation of the Mana Whaikaha prototype in Mid-Central.  Antnz comes from an Adventure Eco-Tourism and Youth Work background so provides a unique and down-to-earth perspective of making Enabling Good Lives real in day-to-day, grassroots practice.

Antnz damaged nerves in her lower spine in 1998 leaving her with impairment. She has since become an Outdoor Recreation instructor and passionately believes that the outdoors are there to be shared and accessible to all.  It was as an Outdoor Instructor that Antnz began working with a wide range of Young People, in a range of contexts. Being disabled, there have been times that there have been "risk aversion" barriers that have been overcome. Antnz is currently the Owner/Operator of AntnzVentures; a social enterprise, which centers on "Providing opportunities to realize the potential in themselves and others." 

Antnz Burgess
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