What We Offer

Who We Are

We offer information, advice, planning support, mentoring and events for disabled people, families and organisations.

Local Area Coordination

Local Area Coordination (LAC) is a practical, community-based approach to working with disabled people and their whānau.


Partners offers quality information and advice to disabled people as they move forward with their plans and build a good life.

Partners will provide you with an independent facilitation service, information, advice, mentoring and planning support and assist you to build a good lifestyle with support of your networks, funding and other resources.


ImagineBetter can work with you and your whānau to plan for the life you want.

There are a variety of planning tools available. ImagineBetter offers:

  • Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope (PATH)
  • Making Action Plans (MAP)
  • Transition plans
  • Pre-assessment plans
  • Roles-based plans
  • Deep Quality Design plans
  • Inclusion plans.


We offer a range of events for disabled people, families and organisations. Events are regularly held throughout New Zealand.