Living It Up Workshop – Hawkes Bay

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About the Event

Lantern Gallery- Havelock North Function Centre
30 Te Mata Rd, Havelock North
Thursday 1 March 2018

This one day workshop is based around a series of presentations, conversations and great stories. It will deliver information to disabled people and their families about the Disability Support Systems transformation agenda, Enabling Good Lives principles, futures planning, personal outcomes, community networking, service options and safeguarding living arrangements – through stories that inform and inspire


  • Check-in, Meet-Greet & Networking time. Tea/Coffee/Savoury on arrival


  • Welcome
  • Why principles matter and what you should know about what NZ is moving towards- EGL and the Transformation Agenda


  • What’s Individualised Funding all about and how can it be used?
  • What’s the NASC got to do with it?
  • Inspiring stories about people using IF: Creating Home & Lifestyle


  • How do we connect with one another?
  • How do our gifts, skills and capacities show up in our communities?
  • Inspiring stories about people growing connected inclusive communities through Micro-Business


  • Securing our Arrangements – a Family Governed Cooperative approach,

Lunch will be from 12:30-1:15pm

1:15pm -2:15pm

  • Planning for the Future and a Good Life.
  • What makes life good?
  • Set your compass-Get your vision-Make your plans-Build your networks.

An interactive session designed to get you thinking, talking and creating.

Take-Away: Inspiration Poster & some great reading


  • Big table talk – Reflections

Free     Disabled persons/family/whanau living in Hawkes Bay (maximum 20 people)
$135    Professionals working in the sector (maximum 5 people)

Julie Rowlands is the parent of Jaime, a woman in her 30s who lives in her own home in the Hawkes Bay. Jaime and her story inspires others. Julie is her daughter’s IF Agent, a Life Coach and a parent who has participated in and been inspired by many ImagineBetter workshops. Julie participated in a Parent Leader workshop in 2015 where she learned a range of facilitation skills and she continues to advance these skills in her career as a qualified life coach. Julie is passionate about sharing the message that young people who live with a disability are entitled to live a ‘good life’ just like anyone else.


Sue RobertsonSue Robertson is the parent of a 31 year old who has significant support needs; she supports Katie to make decisions for herself and enables Katie’s voice to be heard. Katie’s story has inspired many disabled people and their families to think with vision that has depth. In her professional life Sue’s work has always been to build the capacity of disabled people and families to think strategically and deeply (Vision), to secure daily support arrangements that enhance a person’s quality of life through thoughtful planning based on values and best practice tools, and always to think about how we support people to show up in their communities through valued roles that build capacity, based on a person’s attributes, gifts, strengths and skills.