How do Employment Professionals find work for disabled persons? A workshop on the strategies of employment for families

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About the Event

Employment workshop – BoP
The Orchard, 20 MacLoughlin Drive, Te Puke
27 March 2018

Obtaining a real job that pays a real wage is a deep desire for many persons with disabilities. For many job seekers with impairments this means connecting with employment specialist organisations such as WINZ, Work Bridge, Transition providers and Supported Employment Agencies. The quality of the support provided by the different entities varies considerably. Some people gain work but for many the dream remains unrealised.

This one day workshop is designed to teach families / whanau / significant allies, the tricks / strategies that successful agencies use when finding work for their ‘clients’. Statistics tell us that between 70% and 80% of all jobs are found through personal connections and contacts.

This event will enable families / whanau to:

  1. understand how to leverage their personal networks and the personal networks of their friends and associates, and;
  2. understand the steps required to locate, obtain and maintain a job for their loved one.

Free for disabled persons, family whanau members
Free for a paid IF staff member if the intention is for this person to go forth and find jobs
$135 for agency staff / other professionals

Please note: Maximum of 30 attendees